The Rise and Fall of Leaders in Africa – Dr Kapika

Dr. B. Mwansa Kapika (BMK)
Dr. B. Mwansa Kapika (BMK)

While in captivity, I used the time to meditate and decided to take seriously the calls to actively participate in Africa’s politics. My many years of stay in Europe where I took my time as a novelist, publisher and medical academics gave me the opportunity to follow political developments in Africa. More especially in my country, Zambia.

As a young man between the ages of fourteen to eighteen and while living in Mufulira, I had the opportunity to attend different public rallies addressed by Mr. Harry Mwanga Nkumbula (ANC), Mr. Nalumino Mundia (UP).Dr. Kenneth Kaunda (UNIP) and by Mr. Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe (UPP). I am still proud to have witnessed this era of participatory of democracy. Within my family we also felt the importance of democracy and the fruits of different political ideologies. My grandfather Mr. Snake Kapika was a staunch supporter of the opposition leader Mr. Harry Mwanga Nkumbula. While his nephew Mr. Pierre Kapika rose up to a government post as a deputy Minister of Education and later served as a member of the powerful central committee under UNIP government. But within the family members would put up and defend their ideologies harmoniously.

This is the democracy, I witnessed and this is the democracy I shall always admire. A democracy with contents of respect for each other. And a democracy which attracted another of my uncle Mr. James Kapika to contest several times for a parliamentary sit in Ndola. Rather than a trade of insults, as we are witnessing today. Unfortunately, the change to one party system removed my excitements for politics.

This must have had effects on further developments of the country, though it cannot be denied that the system encouraged labour participatory of many Zambians which is also mental and physical -wise healthy. But through all those political experiments accompanied by corruptions and the rise of opportunists without any political ideologies our country has found itself lagging behind such countries as South Korea in as far as developments are concerned. We should not forget that at the time of its independence Zambia was richer than South Korea.Yet Zambia is up to date underdeveloped.

This may be supported by the statement made a few days ago by the present Minister of Finance and former ideologist Mr. Alexander Chikwanda. Development goes together with good governance. We cannot deny the fact that Africa is at this moment lacking good governance. Failing to recognize this problem will continue preventing Africa to further developments. These are the same problems that many countries in our continent are presently facing. Though attitudes through dictatorial policies are slowly coming to an end.

My disappointment in the present political situation has reached such an extent that I have decided to work together with a number of advisers to research the possibility of launching a political party called Movement For Equal Shares, Powers, And Anti-Corruption To All Zambian People (Mespaazapo).

The party is intended to promote proletarian liberal participation whereby every Zambian shall have a right accorded to every citizen without looking into such characteristics as religion or any tribal affiliations. In order to promote democracy public peaceful and matured political debates shall become compulsory.

This would be necessary to accord the public to know who are to represent them and to know what they stand for. Character assassinations such as debates over ones origins or parental origins shall be something of the past. Our constitution is very vivid on this matter.

Dr. B. Mwansa Kapika (BMK)

Interim President

Movement For Equal Shares, Powers, and Anti-Corruption To All Zambian


( Mespaazapo)