SOME residents of Kasama have condemn Geoffrey Mwamba

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM

SOME residents of Kasama have condemned former Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba for calling himself a ‘small god in Kasama.’
Mr Mwamba made the remarks during a live programme on a community radio station in Kasama where he also attacked Patriotic Front (PF) national chairperson for transport and communication Willie Nsanda who he accused of de-campaigning him.
Some members of the public, however, condemned the Kasama Central PF Member of Parliament for comparing himself to a deity, saying it was in bad taste.
“I am extremely popular here, and not only here, but across Zambia. I am a small god here.
“Can you see that Willie Nsanda, I am spoiled here because I am a son of the soil,” he said.
The first caller after the comment castigated Mr Mwamba for the comment and asked him to stick to politics instead of the comments he had made.
Abel Lombe from Location Township advised Mr Mwamba not to use words making reference to God.
Later when he apologised for his ‘small god’ statement, Mr Mwamba heaped blame on the PF provincial leadership who he claimed had made him utter things he would have otherwise not said.
He dared the PF leadership to expel him quickly so that they could meet on the electoral battlefield.
Mr Mwamba, who touched on many issues ranging from his political prospects and business interests, described himself as a business whiz who would survive without Government contracts.
He bragged that he had business interests outside Zambia’s borders.
On his political future, Mr Mwamba said he would soon unveil his plan.
He also said he had not received his suspension letter from the party.
“If I receive it, I will answer back even before they get back to their offices. I am very good at answering letters,” he said.
When asked about Vice-President Guy Scott’s challenge for him to resign from the ruling party, Mr Mwamba asked Dr Scott to expel him.
Some callers said they were not happy with some of his comments which they described as unpalatable.


  1. Dis man is finished.
    Final kicks of a dying horse!!
    Failing 2 identitfy his nxt Party!!
    Hunged in a Politcal-Atmosphere!. No direction