UPND women in Lusaka call on Stella Libongani to resign

Stella Libongani
Stella Libongani
The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) women in Lusaka have called for the resignation of Inspector General of Police, Stella Libongani, for alleged failure to run the police service.

UPND Chairperson for Women Affairs, Namakau Kabwiku¸ notes that the Zambia police are not doing their level best in safeguarding the lives of many Zambians but they are protecting PF officials only.

Ms Kabwiku has accused Ms Libongani of politicizing in the disposal of her duties and thus the need for her to give way to other people who are willing to work without interference from top government officials.

She hopes that the police will be able to control PF cadres in Katuba during campaigns as well as parliamentary by-elections and not favor anyone but work independently