Choma women empowered

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—-Choma District Commissioner (DC), Bernadette Hamweemba, has charged that Government would not relent in its efforts to uplift the lives of the incapacitated and low capacity households.

Ms Hamweemba said Government would continue to provide support to various women clubs in the country to undertake viable projects meant to alleviate poverty.

Speaking when she handed over cheques worth K32,000 to four women clubs in Choma today, Ms Hamweemba said government recognised the plight of women in society and would not relent on women empowerment projects.

“The donation of funds we are witnessing today is essential in creating a platform to empower incapacitated households which is Government’s desire to see more women contribute to national development,” she said

And speaking in a vote of thanks, women clubs representative, Patricia Kamwi, expressed appreciation to Government’s support towards women through the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health.

Ms Kamwi pledged to use the resources for their intended purposes, and acknowledged that the resources were significant in assisting women to enhance projects such as chicken and livestock rearing.

She noted that the Government had shown firm commitment to improving the living standards of women.

“As women in Choma, we are happy with what Government is doing to uplift our living standards. These grants which have been donated to us today will be ploughed into various projects such as livestock rearing. The profits will then be used to assist the orphans and vulnerable women in society,” she said.

And speaking earlier, Choma District Community Development Officer, Esther Siyumbwa, said Government would continue to explore valuable mechanisms of improving the livelihood of women.

Ms Siyumbwa said the disbursement of grants showed that Government was committed to eradicate poverty among women.

“The donation of four cheques to these four clubs today comes barely a week after more than 11 clubs received cheques worth more than K96 000, which is clear indication of Government’s commitment towards poverty alleviation among women”, she said

Ms Siyumbwa noted that the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health, under the Department of Community Development, would endeavor to ensure that the lives of women are changed from being low incapacitated households to viable ones.

She, however, urged the beneficiaries to utilize the funds on expected projects and improve the well being of their families.