Teachers urged to take up mathematics, science subjects

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—-Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education Deputy Minister, Patrick Ngoma has implored teachers who are already in service to develop keen interest in teaching mathematics and sciences as the ministry has a shortage of staff in this field.

Speaking at the burial of Katondwe Girls Secondary School Deputy Head teacher, Norman Malama who was a Mathematics teacher on Monday, Mr Ngoma said his ministry has inadequate mathematics and science teachers and called on the teachers to develop interest in Sciences and Mathematics so that there could be enough teachers in these fields.

He said government through the Ministry of Education was trying everything possible to have enough teachers for sciences and mathematics to that quality education is provided to pupils.

Mr Ngoma disclosed that the Ministry of Education has signed a memorandum of understanding with Eugene University to offer science and mathematics courses to teachers and called on the teachers in service to take advantage of this programme.

The Deputy Minister said this memorandum of understanding between government and the Eugene University was aimed at improving the staffing levels in the mathematics and science departments in schools.

Mr Ngoma said the ministry was concerned with the inadequate science and mathematics teachers in schools hence the signing of the memorandum of understanding with the Eugene University.

He said the University was ready to start with about 2000 teachers offering mathematics and science courses to teachers who are already in service and urged the teachers to try and change to mathematics and science to beef up the shortage in the ministry.

Mr Ngoma lamented that the death of Mr Malama is a lose not only to Katondwe Girls Secondary and Luangwa district but also to the Ministry of Education, Science and Vocational training and Early Education as well.

He said the late Malama will be greatly missed in the mathematics department which already has a shortage of manpower to handle the demand.