Mazabuka police hunts for fugitive rapist

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—Police in Mazabuka district are looking for a man who is alleged to have run away after raping his biological mother early this week.


Southern province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga disclosed the development to ZANIS in an interview that Police in Mazabuka are looking for a man whose age has not been established but resides in Apollo compound of Mazabuka Township.


Ms Katanga disclosed that Jameson Kapulwe believed to be in his late twenties is alleged to have raped his mother identified as Justina Phiri in the early hours of Monday morning in the house where they were staying.


She disclosed that according to a statement given to the police by Esther Kapulwe the daughter to the victim, she found her brother Jameson naked and having canal knowledge with his mother in her bedroom where he followed her.


Ms Katanga stated that upon finding the brother in the act with his mother who is believed to have been in drunken state, Esther quickly shouted for help and rushed outside to call the neighbours so that they could come to her mother’s rescue.


The Police Commissioner also said that when Esther returned to the house in a company of her neighbours she found that Jameson had escaped from the house living her mother still sprawled on the bed naked.


Ms Katanga who described the incidence as unfortunate however, blamed the victim for her failure to lodge a formal complainant to the police over the incest case saying police only moved in to investigate the matter after receiving a formal complaint from members of the public.


She assured that the police in the area are doing everything possible to ensure that the fugitive Jameson is quickly brought to book to answer the charges of rape that have been levelled against him.


Meanwhile, a cross section of society in Mazabuka district have expressed concern over the levels of sexual related offence cases that have been experienced in the two districts of Mazabuka and Chikankata respectively.


“We are concerned as a society with what has gone wrong with the morals of some people in Mazabuka and Chikankata districts where some people can even go to an extent of either sleeping with their relatives or animals such as pigs and dogs as experienced in the recent past,” charged a concerned resident.