Government to look for partner in Nansanga farming block

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—-Government says it has intensified the marketing of Nansanga Farming block in Serenje district to attract a co-venture.

Speaking to heads of government departments in the District Commissioner’s office in Serenje yesterday, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Robert Sichinga said his ministry is this year aggressively pursuing the issue of attracting a co-venture who will help bring agricultural development in the faming block.

Mr Sichinga said government would like to bring investors that are serious so that development can go to the farming block.

Mr Sichinga disclosed that so far he has attracted Farmers from Rome to invest in Nansanga farm block.

He said the Roman farmers would be in the country once the Zambian Ambassador to that country has finished making arrangements.

“Last month I was in Rome and a group of farmers expressed interest to come to Zambia to invest in ‘Nansanga’. I have since asked Ambassador Frank Mutubila to make arrangements and once that is done, these farmers would be here and I will take them to Nansanga,” Mr Sichinga revealed.

The Minister further said once he is through with his tour, he will go to Germany, USA and United Arab Emirates to attend Agricultural conferences and Market the Nansanga farming block.

And Serenje District Commissioner Charles Mwelwa said none allocation of a co-venture to Nansanga farming Block has derailed development to the farming area.

Mr Mwelwa said the co-venture (which is about 9,450 hectares) is the major driving force to the farming block.

He called on government to speed up the allocation of a co-venture to Nansaga to steer development.