MMD loses Kasenengwa seat, nullified by Supreme Court

MMD cadres sing outside DEC

The Supreme Court has nullified the Kasenengwa Parliamentary seat which was held by MMD’s Victoria Kalima.


Supreme Court Judge Hylda Chibomba says the distribution of bicycles and chitenge material by Ms Kalima is a reason enough to nullify the seat because the practice is against the electoral rules.


Justice Chibomba also says the statement attributed to Mrs, Kalima that when PF forms government, it will legalize Homosexuality, kill the old people and stop the distribution of ARV’S might have affected the elections.


She also says the lower court that upheld Ms. Kalima’s election erred because the electoral act does not allow the use of defamatory statements and donating or distribution of materials during campaign periods.


Saul Zulu of the Patriotic Front petitioned the elections of Victoria Kalima after the 2011 elections.


And in an interview, Ms. Kalima vowed to re-contest the seat.