Govt will never interfere with operation of public media – Kapeya

MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Mwansa Kapeya

Chief government spokesperson mwansa kapeya has reiterated that government will never interfere in the operations of the public media.

 Mr. Kapeya says indepent  and editorial freedom   is bearing fruit under the patriotic front government.

Mr. Kapeya explains that the patriotic front wants to give freedom to all media without any interference.

The chief government’s spokesperson states that 2013 has been a year of great success with regard to government’s performance to media freedom.

Mr. Kapeya since commended the tremendous work being done by the Zambia national broadcasting corporation (ZNBC), times of Zambia and the zambia daily mail.



  1. Liars!!!!! Ba kapeya u just think the same way when you used to bring ifyabukaya pa radio one. Every one is seeing that yo gvt is a culprit in interference wit public media. Stop childish speaches!