FODEP calls for credibility in electoral process

MacDonald Chipenzi
MacDonald Chipenzi

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has observed the need for adequate credibility in Zambia’s Electoral process.

Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi says there is need for political parties and candidates to learn to respect the Electoral roles if the country is to gain the credibility of Zambia’s Electoral process.

Mr. Chipenzi notes that it is unfortunate that the Country has continued having Nullifications thereby drawing a lot of National resources living government coffers empty.

Mr. Chipenzi has observed that the country has been in an Election mood since 2011 which he says is bad for the country and its Economic growth.

He says if the people of Zambia are not careful the country will reach 2016 holding By-elections as stated earlier hence appealing to all those participating in elections to avoid political malpractices because they can be politically motivated in order for their seats to be Nullified.