Govt distributes rain-fed inputs to Chavuma

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Government, through the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health, has started distributing rain-fed agricultural inputs to vulnerable but viable farmers in Chavuma district of North-western province.

Chavuma District Community Development Officer, Nancy Chifita, told ZANIS in Chavuma today that 300 by 50 kg bags of Urea and D-Compound , and 150 by 10 kg bags of maize seed have arrived in the district and beneficiaries have already started collecting the subsidized farming inputs.

Ms Chifita also said 50 by 50 kg bags of both Urea and D-Compound as well as 100 by 10 kilogramme bags of rice are expected in the district soon.

She added that the inputs distributed are meant to promote food security at household level among vulnerable but viable peasant farmers.

Ms Chifita explained that farmers in the district have been given inputs for three consecutive years considering that most of them had experienced a bad yield last farming season.

She urged the beneficiaries to put more effort in managing their crops this farming season as they will be weaned off from the programme next year.