Kafue’s Shikoswe residents stone police post, loot, burn two vehicles

The Police Post in Shikoswe, Kafue
The Police Post in Shikoswe, Kafue

SOME residents of Kafue’s Shikoswe on Sunday night stoned Shikoswe police post, looted and burnt two vehicles when rumour went round that a worker at the police post participated in beating a man who later died.
The 23-year-old man died on Sunday after being beaten by his friend who refused to pay back a K100 that he got months ago.
The deceased has been identified has Musilisi Kambakamunyama, while the suspect is Robison Syanyanzi of the same township.
“Residents burnt down two vehicles among the many that were parked at the police post for security and looted others that were,” the father of the deceased, Moses Kambakamunyama said.
Mr Kambakamunyama narrated said his son died at Kafue District Hospital where he was rushed after being beaten by his friend and another man who works at Shikoswe Police Post.
“I was just called by my daughters that their brother was beaten by his friend. After a few minutes, my daughter called me back that they were tired of pouring water on their brother and his condition had worsened.
I arrived home and  found him  lying outside  the house only saying my friend has killed me over my money, I rushed him to the hospital at around 16:00 hours  and he later died at 19:55 hours,” he said.
“It seems he was badly beaten in the ribs and knees because he was screaming whenever I touched him there.
The culprit has to face the law.”
Mr Kambakamunyama  said his son was beaten right in front of the police station while officers were just watching the three fight.
He said at around 22 hours,  the residents heard that his son had died after being beaten and that a worker from the police station participated in the beating.
The mob rushed to the police post and started throwing stones.