Girlfriend killer to hang

hang suicide
hang suicide
THE Lusaka High Court has sentenced to death a 20-year-old man for murdering his girlfriend.

High Court judge Christine Phiri yesterday said Martin Phiri, a casual worker from Jam Village in Shimabala area, had malice aforethought at the time he stabbed his deceased girlfriend whom he had a child with.
This was in a matter in which Phiri was facing one count of murdering Lontia Mukela, 18, between January 26 and 27, 2009.
Phiri stabbed his girlfriend thrice on her throat and in the chest.
“The prosecution has established that the accused person killed his girlfriend. He had malice aforethought because he went to his girlfriend’s house with a knife, an indication that he wanted to kill her,” Ms Justice Phiri said.
She said the accused was also found with blood stains on his clothes as a result of blood that had splashed from Mukela’s body after being stabbed in her chest, throat and thighs.
Ms Justice Phiri said evidence on the record indicated Phiri on the material day also attempted to commit suicide by drinking a pesticide immediately after realising that he had killed his girlfriend.
Meanwhile, murder suspect, Henry Lungu appeared in the Livingstone magistrate’s court yesterday.
Lungu, who was before magistrate Edsen Shanduba, would appear in court for mention on December 17, 2013.
Lungu, 26, of House Number B230 Libuyu Township in Livingstone is alleged to have murdered Patriotic Front Monze District chairperson Harrison Chanda on February 25, 2013 during the Livingstone by-election campaigns.
Mr Shanduba told Lungu yesterday that the court had not yet received instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) over the matter.
At this point, Lungu wanted to make an application before the court but Mr  Shanduba ordered that the accused should be taken back to prison as the court was still awaiting instructions from the DPP.
During his previous appearance in court, Lungu complained that his case was taking long to be tried.
He said he was arrested early this year and yet his case had not yet been tried todate.

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