Namapande residents unveil land wrangles

Namapande area under Sekute Resettlement Scheme in Kazungula district

Residents of Namapande area under Sekute Resettlement Scheme in Kazungula district have complained that there is too much fighting over land boundaries in the area.


A group of people from Sekute Resettlement Scheme, who declined to be named, said in an interview in Kazungula today that the problem has worsened and needed relevant authorities to move in and assist the settlers.


Sources claimed that the problem is caused by some former Kasaya flood victims who do not want to reside in the area after they were given the piece of land by Chief Sekute.


They said the culprits have resorted into selling their land to the outsiders who in turn come to cause confusion in the area.


According to the sources of this information, land in the area is being sold at K11,000 per settlement, adding that the cheapest is going at K 9,000.


“The problem is that these people who are buying these settlements are victimizing us. They are encroaching into our land and by so doing, they are tempting us. They have money and very much equipped with farming tools,” the sources complained.


They further urged the current Sekute Resettlement Scheme (SRS) Chairperson, whom they did not name, to disassociate himself from the confusion if he wants his name to be clean.


The sources accused the current chairperson of SRS that he is working hand-in-hand with those selling their land to the outsiders because he is equally benefiting from the sales.


They disclosed that about 150 people benefited from the land that was given to them by Chief Sekute in Namapande area after the Kasaya flood victims of 2006 and 2008 that left several people homeless in Kazungula district.


“Each person was given one by five hectares of land in Namapande area in what is today referred to as ‘Sekute Resettlement Scheme’,” sources disclosed.


They complained among other things that it is not a good thing for those who do not want to settle in Namapande area to sell off their land which was given to them freely, adding that it is better to surrender the land back to government if they have a better place to reside.


They further disclosed that the District Commissioner and the area councillor were given a full report on the happenings in the area and they were still waiting for the response.