Police picks up 3 more in PF cadre murder case

PF Cadres
The number of suspects picked up in connection with the murder of a Patriotic Front (PF) cadre who was killed in last week Thursday’s violence by political cadres has risen to nine.

This follows the apprehension of three more suspects who were picked up on Saturday yesterday after four others who were picked on Friday last week and the two who were picked up on the same day of the murder.

Police spokesperson Charity Munganga Chanda has disclosed to Qfm in a statement that all nine suspects are being held in connection with the murder, unlawful wounding and assault of people that took place in Lusaka’s Chelstone residential area along the Great East and Airport roads.

Ms. Chanda says the police are also working closely with the victims of the crime and that some of them have not been able to talk to them because of their conditions but that as soon as their conditions improve, the Police will record statements from them.

And Ms. Chanda has further disclosed that investigations involving the 19 suspects that were picked on Thursday last week have also progressed well and that the suspects are likely to appear in court on Tuesday the 12th of November.

Ms. Chanda has also affirmed that as per its mandate the Police will not stop at anyone regardless of their status in instituting investigations and that anyone who is found to have been involved in committing these crimes will be made to face the full wrath of the law.