Lusambo goes for HH

Bowman Lusambo
MMD Die Hard Youth wing National Coordinator Bowman Lusambo has charged that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s recent statement that the former ruling party is finished and will never return to power has confirmed that he is self-centered, greedy and a tribal politician who will use every opportunity to ascend to power

Mr Lusambo says Mr Hichilema is a desperate individual who delights in causing pain and anguish on his fellow human beings, and does not believe in collaboration and cooperation for the greater good of the Zambian people.

He adds that Mr Hichilema’s behavior further confirms why his previous efforts at working with fellow opposition parties such as the UDA and PF have miserably failed because of his alleged opportunistic tendencies.

Mr Lusambo says unlike Mr Hichilema, MMD president Nevers Mumba has worked tirelessly to forge strong ties with fellow opposition leaders including the UPND leader, but that his efforts have not been reciprocated with the same vigour and genuineness required.

He has appealed to MMD members in Northwestern province to dismiss Mr Hichilema’s call to join the UPND with the contempt it deserves.

He states that the UPND in its current state is a finished party whose President is drawing legitimacy on an expired mandate.

Mr Lusambo says it hypocritical for Mr Hichilema to attack the MMD, a party whose leader carries a full mandate from the general membership.


  1. Is it really worthy responding 2 lusambo who his own party thru its sg chembe nyangu has threatened him with expulsion?