State releases K14.34 million for Central Province projects

GOVERNMENT has this year released a total of K14.34 million for implementation of development projects in Central Province.

Central Province permanent secretary Edwidge Mutale said during the Provincial Development Coordination Committee meeting in Kabwe on Thursday that out of the total allocation of K52.08 million in the 2013 provincial budget, K14.4 million was for development projects.
“This implies that 99 percent of the funds allocated to development projects have been released and only one percent is yet to be released,” Ms Mutale said.
Ms Mutale also said in the 2014 national budget for Central Province, the allocation for development projects has increased from K14.4 million in 2013 to K21.65 million in 2014.
She explained that the increase in the budgetary allocation to Central Province is as a result of Government’s resolve to implement programmes and deliver development as opposed to spending on the day-to-day administration of Government departments and events.
On the road infrastructure, Ms Mutale said a total of 155 kilometres of rural roads have been graded while rehabilitation and upgrading of 34.47 kilometres of urban roads in Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi to bituminous standard is in progress.
She also said feasibility studies are being conducted for tarring Itezhi tezhi-Namwala and Itezhi tezhi-Dundumwezi roads and that the projects will be done by Government in partnership with the African Development Bank.
Ms Mutale said two weighbridges are under construction in Mumbwa and Kapiri Mposhi.
Meanwhile, Ms Mutale has urged all Government departments in Central Province to hasten the implementation of projects in the region to ensure that they are completed within the scheduled period.
Ms Mutale appealed to public service workers to positively contribute to improved service delivery and prudent management of public funds.