Opposition accept PF forgiveness

PF Cadres Boostele photo (1) Lusakavoice.com
PF Cadres Boostele photo (1) Lusakavoice.com

OPPOSITION political parties have welcomed the forgiving spirit in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF), saying it is good for national development.
MMD and United Party for National Development (UPND) said it was for the good of the country that leaders in the ruling party had seen the need to forgive each other and forge ahead with national development.
MMD deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu said in an interview yesterday that MMD was happy to note that PF members and officials had seen the need to forgive and embrace each other.
Mr Nyangu said there was tension in the country which had the potential of scaring away investors but the party was happy that the leaders had worked towards reconciliation.
“It’s a good thing that they are forgiving each other so that they can concentrate on developing the nation which had suffered at the hands of infighting,” Mr Nyangu said.
UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said separately that the move by the PF was welcome as it was done in the interest of uniting the party and the nation at large.
“For us as UPND, we take note of that reconciliation but we think President Michael Sata must deal with the issues raised during the wrangles for the forgiveness to be meaningful,” Mr Mweetwa said.
He said failure by Mr Sata to act on issues of alleged corruption in his party would render the forgiving spirit academic.
Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba on Saturday said he had forgiven suspended Chawama Constituency chairperson Robert Chikwelete over his recent attacks on him along with other party members.
This was after Mr Chikwelete approached Mr Kabimba and Vice-President Guy Scott asking for their forgiveness over his conduct to lead protests in Lusaka recently.