Why has Sata been shying away from personally addressing the media – Yali


Accountability and responsiveness calls for the president to address the media

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) says the issue of accountability and responsiveness to the citizenry demands that the Head of State addresses the Media once in a while.

YALI president Andrew Nthewewe has observed that everywhere else in the world Presidents address the Nation through the Media on the state of the nation as well other concerns affecting the country.

Mr. Nthewewe says this is why his organization has been wondering why President Michael Sata has been shying away from personally addressing the media like other Heads of State from other countries do.

Mr. Nthewewe says his organization also finds it strange that now that Mr. Sata has become the Head of State he has allegedly become afraid of the media when in the past while in opposition he loved interact with the media.

Mr. Nthewewe notes that it is important President Sata returns to his old interactions habits with the media in order that he may be personally addressing speculations that the people in the country have spreading about his administration and other national concerns.


  1. Answers are known just that in this country where freedom of speech is still not freely ours, we cant say them out for fear of the consequences

  2. No difference YALI, if the issues the press aid says is coming from the President. Differentiate he is no longer in the opposition

  3. Sata has his press aid to do dat job 4 him. u want de press aid to be paid free money?