Dora and Nevers’ court cases adjourned

Nevers Mumba

THE cases in which former High Commissioner to Canada Nevers Mumba and former Minister of Communications and Transport Dora Siliya are charged with corrupt activities have been adjourned to November for mention and continued trial, respectively.
Principal resident magistrate Aridah Chulu adjourned Mumba’s case to November 11 for mention and fixing of trial dates while Siliya’s matter has been set for November 13 for continued trial.
Mumba, who is also MMD president, is charged with alleged abuse of authority of office and mismanagement of public funds involving over CAD$156,000.
It is alleged that Mumba failed to comply with procedures in receiving and disbursing CAD$122,229.85, illegally awarded a contract for electrical works (CAD$9,000) and carpeting (CAD$19,850) at the Zambian High Commissioner’s residence to Restcon Construction Services and Argos Carpet Limited, respectively.
Mumba is also alleged to have awarded a CAD$5,248 contract for the construction of a deck at the Zambian High Commissioner’s residence to Stanmark Construction.
And Siliya, the MMD spokesperson, is charged with two counts of abuse of authority of office contrary to the Laws of Zambia.
She is accused of directing the cancellation of a duly awarded tender between February 20, 2008 and April 20, 2009.
The tender was for the supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of the Zambia air traffic management surveillance radar system to Thales Air Systems, whose implementation was frustrated, an act prejudicial to the rights or interests of the government.
Particulars in the second offence are that during the same period, in breach of laid down procedures, Siliya did accept a purportedly free offer from Selex Systemi Integrati for the repair of a radar head at the then Lusaka International Airport as a result of which Government actually paid K1,943,932.360, an act prejudicial to the rights or interests of the government.