State not parading KK, says Scott

Dr Guy Scott
Dr Guy Scott

VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott says Government is not parading former President Kenneth Kaunda at local and international forums.
Dr Scott told Parliament yesterday that Dr Kaunda is a statesman who is free to give advice to Zambians when and as he desires.
He was answering a question from Sesheke member Parliament (MP) Sianga Siyauya (UPND), who wanted to know why Government has continued parading Dr Kaunda at rallies and making running commentaries about people in Government when he is a retired President.
“Dr Kaunda is the founding father of this country. He has chosen to make himself available. For example, I went with him to Nairobi for the induction of Uhuru Kenyatta. Everyone knew him and was pleased to see him. This is for Zambia’s benefit, not PF,” Dr Scott said.
The Vice-President said likewise, independence day is for people like Dr Kaunda because he is one of the freedom fighters who are still alive.
“Dr Kaunda is a national treasure and when you come in power, you can parade him, too,” the Vice-President said.
And Dr Scott said there are many capital allowances that are currently being claimed against mining companies that are not paying tax.
He said Government expects revenues to rise when the modification on tax registration is concluded.
Dr Scott was responding to Bweengwa MP Highvie Hamududu (UPND), who wanted to know what Government will do in view of the fact that tax from mining companies is very little.
And Dr Scott said Government is working towards ensuring that there is no wastage of maize that is being purchased from farmers by the Food Reserve Agency.
“We have two thirds of the purchased maize in safe storage and the rest of it is in temporary storage facilities, but we will be moving it to safe storage soon,” Dr Scott said.