Opposition counseled over rallies

Lee Habasonda
Lee Habasonda
Opposition political parties in the country have been urged to bridge the gap amongst themselves, the government and the Police in addressing issues affecting the country’s democracy and good governance.

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) President Lee Habasonda says opposition political parties who have been given permits to hold public rallies like in the case of the UPND, should not use such opportunities to attack personalities of members of ruling party.

Mr. Habasonda says when given such opportunities to hold public rallies, the opposition should desist from attacking personalities but discuss real issues affecting the nation.

Mr. Habasonda has also noted the need for joint efforts from the opposition, the civil society and the media in focusing debates on national issues as opposed to politics of character assassination.

Meanwhile Mr. Habasonda has since commended the Police for allowing the UPND to hold a public rally in Lusaka this weekend.

Mr. Habasonda says the move by the Police is a demonstration that the Zambia Police has now realized the need to allow people to freely enjoy their democratic rights of freedom of assembly.