Mutesa urges action against absconding MPs

Yamfwa Mukanga
Yamfwa Mukanga
Zambians for Empowerment and Development (ZED) has called on Government Chief Whip Yamfwa Mukanga to take appropriate action to ensure that Cabinet Ministers desist from absconding Parliamentary debates.

On Tuesday, Parliament adjourned prematurely following a number of points of order by opposition Members of Parliament who sought rulings from the Speaker on whether the Chief Whip was in order to allow the absenteeism by Cabinet Ministers to continue unabated.

ZED president Frederick Mutesa says absenteeism from Parliament by Members of Parliament (MPs) is a matter of concern for all citizens because MPs are voted in to go and deliberate on national issues.

Speaking to Qfm in an interview, Dr. Mutesa notes that by absconding from Parliament, PF MPs are in fact neglecting their duty to serve the people who voted for them.

Dr. Mutesa has stated that MPs should realize that they represent the people of Zambia in parliament and not themselves.