ECZ explains failure to print ballots locally

Printing of ballot papers
Printing of ballot papers
The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says the search for a local printer for ballot papers is still an ongoing exercise.

Transport,Communication, Works and Supply Minister Yamfwa Mukanga has wondered why the ECZ has continued to print ballot papers outside the country when the Government Printers is capable of printing the ballots.

But ECZ Spokesperson Cris Akufuna says there is currently no local printing company with adequate capacity and security to print the ballots.

Mr. Akufuna has told Qfm that there are also some technical specifications which ECZ considers before engaging a company to print ballot papers which the local printing companies do not meet.

Mr. Akufuna adds that the Commission was also part of a committee which was convened by the Secretary to the Cabinet and chaired by the Government Printers to address the capacity of the government owned printing facility to handle the printing of ballot papers.

Meanwhile Mr. Akufuna has clarified that the 22nd November Mansa Parliamentary by-election will take place on a Friday and not Thursday as earlier indicated.