Media advised against promoting hate speech

New Media, Old Media
The media in the country has been urged to spearhead the discouragement of hate speech among political players in the country.

Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia chapter Chairperson Nalumino Nalumino says the media should keep it in mind that they are there to preserve peace and enhance unity in the country and not promote hate speech and abusive language which bring about despondence in the country.

Mr. Nalumino has told Qfm in an interview that the media should also concentrate on promoting discussions and debates of real issues affecting the welfare of the country as opposed to concentrating on politics of name calling.

He has observed that debates focusing on name calling should be discouraged in the country as such a trend is not health for the growth of the country’s democracy and good governance.

Mr. Nalumino has also encouraged the media to be more accommodative in allowing the presentation of divergent views in the country.