Hundreds of suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres arrested and charged

PF Cadres Boostele photo (1)
PF Cadres Boostele photo (1)
Over three hundred suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres have been arrested and charged with criminal trespass for trespassing on a Farm in Lusaka West with intentions of demarcating it into plots.

A group of cadres had illegally allocated to themselves 20 hectors of the 30 hectors Trishul farm land belonging to a Mr. Patel.

Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga has told Qfm News that those arrested who include men and women will appear in court to tomorrow, Friday, September 27th.

Mr. Hamoonga has also cautioned members of the public engaging in similar activities in the country that police will not hesitate to arrest them for criminal trespass regardless of political affiliation.

Mr. Hamoonga has further warned that police have enough manpower and fire power to quell any violent people who are found to be trespassing on private land as was observed today at Trishul farm in Lusaka West.

Meanwhile an on pot check by a Qfm new crew this afternoon found broken windows to the shopping mall belonging to Mr. Patel which was looted by the cadres during the commotion before police moved in to stop the cadres.

The cadres also attempted to ransack a nearby bank to which they only managed to break windows.

By 14:00hrs this afternoon, smoldering smoke from burnt tyres set on fire by the cadres was still visible and Mumbwa Road which earlier had traffic stopped was open for traffic.

And a shop owner who had his shop looted, Isaac Besa disclosed that about 90 thousand kwacha worth of his goods were looted as well as about 80 thousand kwacha cash that was in shop’s counter till.

He however complained of the delayed response from police to stop the cadres from looting.