Zambia – DRC relations still good – Simuusa

Wylbur Simuusa
Wylbur Simuusa

Government says it shares a good relationship with neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) despite the incident that occured at Kasumbalesa Boarder Post last week.
Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilbur Simuusa, says government over the years has been in good terms with the government of DRC and the fracas that happened last week cannot make their relationship go sour.

Mr. Simuusa adds that the happenings at Kasumbalesa are a source of concern because it’s not a first time such a thing is happening.

The Nchanga PF Member of Parliament adds that the people should emulate the two governments and embrace peace and harmony.

Congolese traders at the border town of Chililabombwe and Kasumbalesa last week had to flee for their lives as the Zambian truckers and residents turned on them following the shooting of a Zimbabwean driver by Congolese soldiers in the neighbouring country.