PF is an assembly of violent men and women – Msoni

PF Cadres youth Day Boostele photo
PF Cadres youth Day Boostele photo

Veteran Politician, Nason Msoni, has implored and dared the Registrar of Societies to de-register the Patriotic Front (PF) as it is now operating beyond the prescription of a political party.

Mr. Msoni has told QFM in an interview that it is important that the registrar of societies is empowered to de-register political parties willfully that are flouting the rules and regulations that control the conduct and behavior of political entities.

Mr. Msoni adds that it is indisputable material fact that the PF is an assembly of violet men and women.

He says the PF has transformed itself illegally into a violent tribal militia group that is threatening public safety and property.

He adds that the failure by the police and the registrar of societies to curb and nip the violet PF now while still in the bud could later spell doom.

The Veteran Politician furthermore adds that the seeds of violence being implanted today by the leadership of PF while enjoying the trappings of political power will certainly one day reap the fruit of their own violence which they’re sowing with impunity today.