Nevers writes to Sata over recent arrest

Nevers Mumba
MMD president Nevers Mumba says President Michael Sata’s decision to arrest him over his utterances on Joy FM is retrogressive.

In a letter to president Sata, dated 22nd September, 2013, obtained by QFM, Dr Mumba says it is not a criminal offence to challenge a sitting president.

Dr Mumba says he takes full responsibility for the entire statement he made on Joy FM, stating that his role as opposition leader is to highlight any retrogressive policies of the government in power.

He says it is the responsibility of every opposition leader, and all other leadership in the country to point the government’s shortcomings, so that if government is responsive, they can improve their service to the Zambian people.

Dr Mumba adds that as leader of MMD, it is his responsibility to highlight the shortcomings of the current government, in the hope that the PF changes and does better.

He further states that the MMD will support every progressive effort government makes, and register displeasure for any retrogressive steps taken.

The MMD leader says it is his prayer that President Sata will aspire to allow all Zambians to bring their views and ideas to the table of national consensus, without fear or favour.