NAREP commends Sata for stopping the endorsement debate

Jevan Kamanga
Jevan Kamanga
The National Restoration Party (NAREP) has commended President Michael Sata for breaking his silence on the calls for his endorsement as sole PF candidate in the 2016 elections.

NAREP National Secretary Jevan Kamanga in a statement issued to QFM says the endorsement debate has brought about a lot of confusion in the country which has resulted in properties being destroyed.

Reverend Kamanga says the President has taken the right step by putting an end to the endorsement debate as it was disturbing the peace that Zambians have been enjoying since independence.

He states that no political party whether in government or in opposition should be allowed to disturb the unity that Zambia has.

Reverend Kamanga has since advised Patriotic Front members and their cadres not to go against President Sata’s directive over his endorsement but that they should instead work to together in harmony.