GBM officiates at Likumbi Lya Mize ceremony

Luvale tribe dancer and masked spirit [makishi] at the annual likumbi lya mizi festival/ceremony of the Luvale people of Zambia in Lusaka.

Luvale tribe dancer and masked spirit [makishi] at the annual likumbi lya mizi festival/ceremony of the Luvale people of Zambia in Lusaka.
Luvale tribe dancer and masked spirit [makishi] at the annual likumbi lya mizi festival/ceremony of the Luvale people of Zambia in Lusaka.
MINISTER of Defence Geoffrey Mwamba has urged traditional leaders to engage Government when sourcing for investors in their chiefdoms.
Officiating at this year’s Likumbi Lya Mize traditional ceremony, Mr Mwamba said this is critical in ensuring checks and balances and monitoring the inflow of would be investors.
Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba, North-Western Province Minister Josephine Limata and Zambezi West member of Parliament Charles Kakoma were also among hundreds of people that witnessed the colourful event.
The traditional ceremony was characterised by song and dance among other Luvale stunts by the Makishi (traditional dancers).
Mr Mwamba said Government will continue supporting traditional leaders because they complement Government efforts to uplift livelihoods.
“Let me also congratulate traditional leaders for their efforts and commitment for taking keen interest in issues that affect the welfare of their people,” he said.
He said Government is also dependent on traditional leaders to help stop vices such as gender based violence and early marriages.
Mr Mwamba noted that traditional ceremonies are an important conduit for the transmission of traditions and cultural values to the youth.
Mr Mwamba said Government is working towards building education and health infrastructure and that it will continue recruiting more teachers and nurses.
He said Government will this year construct six palaces and that one will be constructed in Zambezi West for chieftainess Kucheka.
Mr Mwamba said Government has also allocated K134,000 to improve the water reticulation system at senior chief Ndungu’s Mize palace.
“The PF government recognises the need to intensify efforts in closing the development gap between rural and urban areas and create opportunities to achieve sustainable development through economic growth and diversification, social development and environmental protection,” he said.
And senior chief Ndungu appealed to Government to construct a bridge between Zambezi East and West.
In a speech read on his behalf by Likumbi Lya Mize national chairperson Marx Mbinji, senior chief Ndungu said the development will expedite and ease the movement of goods and services.
The traditional leader commended Government for completing the Mutanda-Chavuma road and deliberate efforts to improve the welfare of traditional leaders.
He also urged Government to send mobile health services saying the people of Zambezi West have not benefited from the services.
And Mr Mwamba has urged the people of North-Western Province to reject politicians campaigning on tribal lines.
Mr Mwamba said the Patriotic Front (PF) must be supported and emulated because it is an all-inclusive party which embraces all tribes across the country.
He said President Sata must be supported and that members must be loyal for the party to remain united.
Mr Mwamba said this when he addressed scores of party members and Zambezi residents who came to welcome him at Zambezi airfield.
This was before officiating at the 2013 Likumbi lya Mize traditional ceremony of the Luvale people of North-Western Province, where he represented President Sata.
“We must realise that for us as a party to remain united and strong, we must be loyal to the party and support President Sata, who is governing both the party and Government,” Mr Mwamba said.
And North-Western Province PF officials have joined calls to endorse President Sata for the 2016 general elections.
PF provincial chairperson Fabian Chiposo said the provincial party functionaries have resolved to support President Sata as the PF sole presidential candidate for the 2016 general election.
“I want to announce publicly that North-Western Province has endorsed President Sata for 2016. There is no other candidate to endorse because we are confident that it is only President Sata who is capable of leading the party beyond 2016,” Mr Chiposo said.
Mr Chiposo said the PF is rapidly growing in the province contrary to assertions that the party has no ground.