IG’s explanation over detained party vehicles annoy MMD

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Movement for Multi Party Democracy - MMD.jpg

The opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has restated its demand for the release of its vehicles that are not on the list of the vehicles that the Government Joint Investigations Team (GJIT) has seized from it.

The combined team of government investigators is currently investigating alleged plunder of national resources by the MMD and did seize vehicles that were used during the MMD’s 2011 general elation campaigns, vehicles among which the former ruling party is claiming are allegedly illegally detained.

The MMD had earlier in a letter dated 20th August this year written the Inspector General of Police (IG) over the same matter to which the IG in a letter dated 2nd September replied advising the MMD to instead engage the GJIT over the said illegally detained vehicles.

In another letter dated September 6th 2013 addressed to the IG and disclosed to Qfm today, MMD Information and Publicity Secretary Alfred Ndhlovu notes that his party finds the explanation given by IG annoying.

Mr. Ndhlovu has accused the Zambia Police of being indecisive and procrastinating to the MMD’s disadvantage on the matter as there is no law that the Zambia Police can cite to say that it is still investigating the matter and therefore constraining the IG from discussing the matter further.

Mr. Ndhlovu notes that the matter involving the detained MMD vehicles is already in public domain and it is of the public’s interest to know what both GJIT and the MMD are doing to conclude the matter either amicably or in court.

Mr. Ndhlovu has argued by legal requirements the GJIT is only supposed to remain with 39 vehicles in exclusion to the other MMD vehicles that have been detained over the same investigations.

Mr. Ndhlovu has also noted that the MMD can withdraw court action if it is satisfied that the Zambia Police is dealing with the former ruling party in compliance with the law of the land.

The MMD Information and Publicity Secretary, has urged the Zambia Police to focus on resolving the matter of the detained vehicles amicably.

The vehicles that the opposition MMD is claiming were illegally detained together with the other seized vehicles include among others, a Toyota Hilux Van registration ALC 4993 which was seized from Parliament Motel.