Donors urged to help consolidate Zambia’s democracy

Mutale Nalumango (centre)
A Nongovernmental Organization that advocates for good governance and human rights, Zambian Voice has called on the donor community to help consolidate the country’s democracy by supporting the welfare of the Civil Society in the country.

Zambia Voice says the country risk going back to the days where Democracy and the rule of the law were not common if the Civil Society organizations’ welfare in terms of funding is not sustained.

Executive Director Chilufya Tayali has also observed that a number of Civil Society organizations do not have sufficient funding which in turn is compromising their objectives by getting from sources they are not supposed to get from on principle grounds.

Mr. Tayali notes that if the Civil Society does not get the necessary support they require to do their work in the country, more organisations will be compromised ahead of the 2016 general election.