Scott’s remarks ‘childish’ – Nevers

Nevers Mumba

MMD president Dr. Nevers Mumba has described as childish remarks by vice president Guy Scott that the MMD is a dead.

Dr Mumba says Zambia should not take such statements seriously.

Dr. Mumba has told Qfm News that he is disappointed with some utterances some senior Patriotic Front members have continued to make against the MMD.

He stresses that Dr. Scott should concentrate on helping the Patriotic Front administration to deliver developmental projects to the Zambian people instead of talking about the MMD.

He says the MMD is still a strong party and that more Zambians now believe that the party did its best than what the PF has done since coming to power.

Mr. Mumba says the people of Mkaika are ready to vote for the MMD in this Thursday’s by-election and that nothing will stop them from doing so.

Vice-President Guy Scott during his campaign trail in Mkaika described the MMD as a ‘dead party’ whose performance in the poll is expected to be anything but dismal.

The vice-president also beseeched the people of Mkaika to come to terms with the reality that former President Rupiah Banda is “history” and shall never return into office to help.