The PF is implementing the decentralization policy haphazardly – Simutanyi

A public policy expert has observed that the implementation of the decentralization policy by the Patriotic Front government is haphazard, uncoordinated and lacking policy coherence.

Dr Neo Simutanyi who is also Center for Policy Dialogue Executive Director has told QFM News that there is need to consider resolving the key constraints hindering the implementation of the decentralization policy.

He says since independence the devolution of significant authority and control over resources to locally elected officials has been recognized as essential to the equitable development of Zambia.

Dr. Simutanyi says it is unfortunate that the MMD formulated the National Decentralization Policy and the Decentralization Implementation Plan DIP without implementation.

He adds that following the coming into power of the Patriotic Front government, it was anticipated that the issue of decentralization will receive more attention, which is not the case.