Is Zambia still Zimbabwe’s poorer brother?

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

By Nelson Alcantara, editor-in-chief, eTN | Aug 23, 2013
LIVINGSTONE, Zambia (eTN) – ETN caught up with Zambia’s National Heritage Conservation Commission Executive Director, Collins C. Chipote, two days before the 20th edition of the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) General Assembly (GA) which is to take place from August 24-29, 2013. In the interview below, Mr. Chipote is asked about issues related to the event as well as its relationship with its event co-sponsor, Zimbabwe.
ETN is deviating from its normal format and bringing the interview via YouTube to feature the audio from the interview as well as showcase some of the stunning photos that were taken by award-winning photographer Christian Del Rosario.
Some of the questions that were asked in the interview include:
What was the falls’ name before it was christened as “Victoria Falls” by its so-called “discoverer” David Livingstone?
Some would refer to this side of the falls as the “uglier” of the two sides, by virtue of comparison, of course. To those who feel compelled to pick which side to visit, why should they come to see the site through the Zambian side?
How would you describe Zambian heritage to the world?
Should tourists put Zambia on their bucket list based on its culture and heritage alone?
How significant is the impending UNWTO GA to you as a destination?
How has working with Zimbabwe been in terms of hosting the GA?
Would you co-host with Zimbabwe again?
Is Zambia still Zimbabwe’s poorer brother?