Female photographer gang-raped in Mumbai: police

gender-based violence

A photographer has been gang-raped in India’s financial capital Mumbai in a crime that is drawing comparisons with a similar incident in Delhi last year.

Aged in her early 20s, the woman was on assignment as a photographer when she was attacked by at least five men late on Thursday (local time) in an isolated part of a Mumbai district.

“The men beat up the man, tied him up and raped the woman in a secluded part of the Shakti Mills area,” a police officer told AFP.

The woman is undergoing treatment at a city hospital and has identified two of the accused by their first names, which she heard them calling each other, police said.

Hospital officials were not immediately available for comment, but preliminary reports suggested the victim sustained multiple internal injuries, the police officer added.

Mumbai Police have detained a number of people for questioning.

“A case has been registered but no arrests have been made. Several suspects were pulled up for interrogation,” the officer said.

Mumbai is considered one of India’s safer cities and the incident is causing alarm.

Many residents are drawing parallels with last year’s gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old student in the nation’s capital of New Delhi.

Verdicts are expected soon in the trials of the 5 people accused of that crime.