‘Teachers did not take sex pictures’ – Salvation Army Chikankanta

Chikankata mission Secondary School

THE Salvation Army Church has refuted media reports suggesting that some teachers at its Chikankanta High School, who caught 12 pupils having sexual intercourse, recently forced them to repeat the act and started filming them as part of punishment.
Church public relations officer Henry Shirisnodia said yesterday that the school was being administrated through Christian principles and that none of its teachers could engage in such immoral acts.
Captain Shirisnodia said the media reports were misleading and gave a wrong impression.
He said the correct situation was that when the pupils were caught having sex, some teachers accompanied by the school Board chairperson went to the girls’ dormitory and nobody took pictures.
“As a church we are concerned with circulating reports by some media that our teachers at our school, who caught these pupils forced them to repeat the act and started filming them, he said.
He said the church would have taken action had it been established that some teachers who rushed to scene decided to take pictures of the pupils, an action described as inhuman and disrespectful to human rights.
He said the church would ensure that the school administration always adhered to Christian principles under which the school was founded on.
The Human Rights Commission (HRC) last week commenced investigations over reports that some teachers at the school forced some pupils to repeat the act and started filming them as part of punishment.
Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe, who described the alleged action by teachers as ‘immoral and inhuman,’ said police should professionally investigate the matter.
This follows media reports that authorities at the school had suspended 12 Grade 12 pupils who included six girls and six boys after they were caught having sex in one of the girls’ dormitories.


  1. Who can sustain an erection under such circumstances? Bulapona nangu filewele shani. One wonders where this amount of hatred for teachers stems from.

  2. Those pupils are grossly indisciplined and I m sure this has been going on for a long tym.Let the school authority investigate this matter thouroghly.the school needs to be cleaned.