Govt. urged to repossess Kawmbwa Tea Company

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Govt. urged to repossess Kawmbwa Tea Company


Mansa, Thursday, 18 July 2013 – ZANIS – Almost all Parliamentarians in Luapula Province have resolved that government takes over ownership of the Kawambwa Tea Company and Mununshi Banana Scheme to benefit the people in the area.


Efforts to get a reaction from Commerce , Trade and Industry  Permanent Secretary Stephen Mwansa to comment on the matter was not successful by broadcast time.


However , the  parliamentarians  in the area  resolved that  government  should  to take over the two firms in the light of the job creation promises made to the people of Luapula in the run up to the September 2011.


ZANIS reports that Nchelenge Central member of parliament Raymond Mpundu disclosed this in an interview , in Mansa, today.


Mr. Mpundu said that the parliamentarians  resolved this during a Provincial Development Coordinating Committee meeting held in Mansa, today.


He  proposed that the two former State owned firms which were privatized during the MMD reign be re-owned by government as the new owners had failed to smoothly operate the firms for the benefit of the surrounding communities  as expected.


This was seconded by Kawambwa District Commissioner Ivor Mpasa  who stated that the idleness of the two  firms was only detrimental to the economic welfare of the people in the province.



The  parliamentarians that the Zimbabwean investor in the Kawambwa Tea Estate who they said has been elusive, has never been seen on site for a long period of time leaving his workers languishing and state of despondency. 



They legislators also expressed  their concern at the continued non-appearance of the investor in the Mununshi Banana Scheme in Mwense district which they said has been neglected for a long time.


They  said the Banana scheme has been neglected for a long time by the investor despite its huge potential  to benefit the local people with jobs and overall contribution to the national treasury.



Other members of parliament  in attendance included  Mambilima  Constituency member of parliament Mighty Mumba, Mwense  Constituency member of parliament  David Mabumba and  Bangweulu Constituency  member of parliament Chifita Matafwali.


Others included  Kawambwa Central Constituency  member of parliament Nixon Chilangwa, Chifunabuli Constituency  member of parliament Mutaba Mwali, Mwansabombwe Constituency member of parliament Rodgers Mwewa, Chienge member of parliament Benson Kapaya and MMD lone Chembe member of parliament Mwansa Mbulakulima.


Kawambwa Tea Estate has been grappling with an urgent need to put measures in place to control wild fires from gutting the estate and reducing it to ashes which funds the Zimbabwean Investor is reported to have been failing to meet the cost and has abandoned the premises for a long time.


The Luapula  based MPs  felt that the two firms should not be left to waste when the potential to revive the projects was feasible.


They expressed optimism that Government would be in the position to find potential and viable investors to inject the required lifeblood in the two projects for the benefit of the people in the province.