Livingstone Show opens tomorrow

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Livingstone Show opens tomorrow

Livingstone, July 17, ZANIS —– Preparations for the Southern Tourism and Agriculture Show are progressing well with over 100 shows exhibitors having erected their stands so far.

Show Organising Committee Chairperson Rwinick Mapanza said all was set for the opening of the show tomorrow adding that the turnout especially in the manufacturing and commercial sectors was impressive.

Mr Mapanza told ZANIS in an interview today, that most exhibitors have been drawn from Copperbelt, Lusaka provinces, and some districts in Southern province which includes Namwala, Sinazongwe, and Choma among others.

The show society expected 150 exhibitors to participate in this year’s event but so far 100 have confirmed participation.

“ In terms of preparations,  I can say that everything is progressing on well with more than 100 exhibitors having confirmed participation and drawn from Lusaka, Copperbelt provinces and districts of Southern Province,” said Mr Mapanza.

Mr Mapanza however, bemoaned the low turnout of the agriculture sector and attributed this to poor crop harvests in the province.

But Mr Mapanza said the Show Society was concerned about the increase in restaurants  which are at 35 now saying most people have wrong perception that putting up restaurants was part of exhibition.

He said the society would in future reduce the number restaurants to give more space to exhibitors.

“Most people here in Livingstone think that erecting restaurants is part of exhibition and I think in future we shall have to regulate the number of restaurants to free more space for exhibitors,” said Mr Mapanza.

Mr Mapanza also said the society has put up stringent measures such as regulation of time of selling alcohol from 15: 00 hours to 21:00 Hours to prevent abuse and underage drinking.