President Sata bemoans lack of confidentiality among ministers

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-President Michael Sata has expressed disappointment with the lack of confidentiality among some ministers in his cabinet.


President Sata cited Foreign Affairs Minister, Effron Lungu whom he said wrote him a letter and copied it to other people, a situation the president was not happy with.


“How can someone write a letter to me and copy it to other people, that is not write!” Mr Sata noted.


The President said he has saved in various governments before and has never seen a minister writing a letter to the President and copying it to other people such as Permanent Secretaries or any other person.


“The letter that you wrote to me and copied to other people, I shredded it because I do not expect you to copy a letter that is coming to me,” President Sata said.


He was speaking in Lusaka today when he swore in Kazika Peter Zulu as Permanent Secretary at State House.