Govt. completes road works on the Milenge- Sakania Road in Milenge District

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Govt. completes road works on the Milenge- Sakania Road  in Milenge District


Milenge, Monday, 15 July 2013 – ZANIS – Government  says it has completed  its road works on  the Milenge- Sakania Road  in  Milenge District.


ZANIS  reports  from Milenge MMD Member of Parliament for Chembe Constituency Mwansa Mbulakulima in Milenge confirmed the development in an interview, today.


Mr. Mbulakulima said the new road which was open to general public was the  best short cut  to  Milenge District instead of using the traditional Pedicle and Tuta roads respectively from Mufulira and Ndola Districts, respectively.


He said the road was usable  saying many motorists were using it  following the commissioning of the Kapalala Pontoon last year.


He said the use of the Kapalala – Sakania road from Milenge to Ndola has a distance of 115 kilometers and costs less in comparison to the other two alternative routes.

He said the road was most ideal because all the formalities with the Congolese authorities have been put in place and there will be no harassments or embarrassments from Congolese officials.


He added that he was grateful to ESCO for repairing and bringing back to Milenge District the Kapalala Pontoon which was taken away in 1979.


He said the establishment  of the Kapalala Pontoon was a dream come true for the people of Milenge as it will serves  as a lifeblood for their trade with Ndola and other Copperbelt Towns.