Govt. commences animal vaccination in Namwala District

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Govt. commences animal vaccination in Namwala District


Namwala 15th July 2013, ZANIS, Government through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has commenced vaccinations for cattle in Southern Province for foot and mouth diseases.


ZANIS  reports that Southern Province Provincial Veterinary officer Dr. Charles Maseka confirmed the development in n interview in Namwala District, today.



Dr Maseka said  that five Districts will benefit namely Mazabuka, Monze, kazungula-Livingstone, Kalomo and Namwala Districts respectively.



He said that the program has  two strategies one for the Kafue fronts and Zambezi fronts catering for all districts around the Kafue and Zambezi  rivers , respectively.



In the programme,  Namwala  District will benefit 100% meaning that all animals will be vaccinated while Monze and  Mazabuka Districts will only have animals around the Kafue flats which will be vaccinated.



Dr Maseka  added that Kazungula said Livingstone will also benefit 100% of animals to be vaccinated in the two districts which are one in terms of agriculture coordination.


He  said that In Kalomo three vet camps will be done namely Zimba, Number 3, and Kandonzovu camps respectively.


Dr. Maseka said that Namwala District has been given 130,, 000 dosage for the foot and mouth disease vaccinations.


He said that k168million or k168, 000 has been release for logistics in Namwala District to effectively carry out the FMD program in the district.


And Dr.Maseka has disclosed that the two livestock service centre which were constructed in Namwala District have been completed namely Ndema and Muchila and only awaiting commissioning by relevant officials.