Christians double prayers against ‘ritualistic’ killings

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The spate of murders and road traffic accidents in Zambia has compelled some circles of the Christian community to double their prayer frequency in a bid to lessen occurrences of such sorrowful events.

Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive Director Pukuta Mwanza said praying against killings, some of which are associated with rituals, has been prioritised in churches under the fellowship.

Reverend Mwanza said his organisation has directed all EFZ-affiliated churches to pray for the protection and preservation of lives of people in the country.

He told ZANIS in Lusaka today that said the fellowship was disturbed and concerned by the brutal and ritual killings of innocent people across the country.

He has since called on law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate the killings and mete out stiff punishment on the perpetrators of these evil acts.

Rev. Mwanza expressed fear that the killings might be conducted by the same group of assailants.

“The ritual killings that are happening in the country are worrisome not only to the church but government and other stakeholders. We have directed all our churches to put ritual killings on the prayer list and we are praying about it,” he said.

The clergyman further noted that these killings were instilling fear in innocent Zambians.

Rev. Mwanza dismissed assertions that genuine clergymen and women were involved in some of the ritual killings.

In a related development, Rev. Mwanza has expressed profound concerned at the road carnages where innocent lives are lost nearly on a daily basis.

He explained that the clergies were ‘Disciples of God’ whose mission was to offer spiritual guidance, bring the lost sheep to Christ, help the needy and pray for those who want salvation.

Zambia has this year experienced increased cases of ritual related murders where victims have been having their eyes, ears, tongues and private parts removed by their assailants.

Road accidents where many people have been killed also seem to be on the increase.