Siavonga district council, Director of works Mwansa resigns

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Siavonga district council, Director of works Mwansa resigns


Siavonga 10 July, 2013, ZANIS — Siavonga district council, Director of works Melvin Mwansa has resigned.


ZANIS reports that  the council chairperson Darius Mulundu has confirmed the development in an interview in Siavonga District, today.


Mr. Mulunda said   Mr. Mwansa tendered his resignation letter to the council secretary Venture Kafula on Monday this week.


The council chairperson said Mwansa did not indicate the reasons for his resignation in the letter although at times his working environment has been hostile.


‘’ It’s confirmed that Mr. Mwansa , our director of works has resigned and he has tendered his resignation letter and he has not given the reasons but his working environment for him at times has been hostile and this I know. But everybody keeps on moving and he has gone for green pasture I should think,’’ he said.


He said, it was sad that Mwansa resigned when the local authority needed him most for his hard working.


‘’ Mr. Mwansa was so energetic with all the zeal to do work and it has not been easy for us to accept his resignation because this is the time when we need him most’’, said Mulunda.


Mr. Mulunda however said, Mwansa will be in the office up to 30th July, 2013 when his vacation leave ends..


  1. ZANIS Siavonga, how true are the stories that works Director Mwansa resigned because 3 senior people dubiously shared council funds without procedure or informing others like him?