Incessant attacks irks judiciary

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–The Judiciary has expressed  concern  on the incessant attacks on the Supreme Court of Zambia.



Acting Registrar and Director of Court Operations Maka Phiri says following the outcome of election petitions arising from the 2011 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government elections there have been attacks on the Supreme court from sections of society.



The Judiciary has stated that it is not reluctant to criticism even of court judgments.




ZANIS reports that  Mr  Phiri said this in a statement, in Lusaka, today.




Mr. Phiri has also noted that it has been a long held view that criticism is necessary as it forms the bedrock of any democracy.




He said what is of concern however is the growing trend of personal assault on individual judges who are not in a position to defend themselves.




He explained that in every case whether election petitions or other cases, the Supreme Court sits as a panel of any three of five or even more judges.




Mr. Phiri said each judge gives his or her opinion on every appeal based on the facts as presented and the law and majority takes the day.




Mr. Phiri however said each judgment of the Supreme Court represents collective wisdom of every judge of the Supreme Court.




He said it is therefore unfair for anyone to single out the Acting Chief Justice as being solely responsible for the outcome of any judgment of the Supreme Court.




“The acting Chief Justice like any other judge does not sit on panels,” Mr. Phiri said.




Mr. Phiri has stated that should the unwarranted attacks persist, the Supreme Court shall be left with no option but to institute contempt of Court proceedings.