Civil Servants urged to adhere to PF govt.’s work culture

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Civil Servants urged to adhere to PF govt.’s work culture


MKUSHI, July 10, 2013, ZANIS —  Government  has  advised civil  servants  in Mkushi and Luano Districts  respectively  to adhere to the principle of working with the Government of the day.


Mkushi District Commissioner (DC) Christopher Chibuye emphasised the need for loyalty amongst Government Workers in implementing Government policies.


ZANIS  reports that Mr. Chibuye said this  when  he addressed  the second DDCC (District Development Coordination Committee) at Council Chamber, in Mkushi District, today.


Mr. Chibuye said that Government Workers were duty bound towards carrying out the policies of the Government of the day, adding that there was need to carry out these duties with good work ethics of diligence and objectivity.


He singled out the significance of DDCC forums as platforms on which Government projects were coordinated at District level, saying that such forums deserved to be accorded much seriousness.


He said that the performance and inputs from Government Workers in the District, was vital to the overall success that Government aimed at achieving in the progress that Government was aiming to record in various aspects of National Development.


Mr. Chibuye noted that it was therefore imperative for Civil Servants in both Mkushi and Luano Districts, to be committed towards serving the Government of the day wholeheartedly.


He defended this advice, explaining that much energy and enthusiasm was needed to accelerate development in the newly created Luano District, as well as its parent District Mkushi.


He also took the opportunity to announce the re-opening of Ministry of Mines offices in Mkushi, saying that the development had answered the aspirations of residents.


Mr. Chibuye said that apart from Mines Ministry, ZAWA had re-opened their offices in the District, whilst the District Health Management Team (DHMT) for Luano District had been deployed in that District.


He said that Government was making speedy progress in finalizing the deployment of Personnel for Government departments in Luano District, adding that the new District would soon start receiving funding.


He cited the appointment of Luano District Commissioner(DC), whom he named as Luka Mwamba, as being amongst the significant strides that Government had made in the efforts to deploy personnel for the new District.


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