Siavonga magistrate court fines a poacher for unlawful possession of ammunition

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Siavonga magistrate court fines a  poacher for unlawful possession of ammunition 



Siavonga , April 9th, 2013, ZANIS  — The Siavonga magistrate court has fined a 49 year old man K300 for unlawful possession of ammunition  or  serve six months imprisonment in default , with had labor.




Before magistrate Bartholomew Kaongo was Patron Gulunganda, a farmer of Mulebabantu village in chief Chipepo’s area who stood charge with one count of unlawful possession of Ammunition.




Facts before the court were that on 24 June 2013 in Chirundu, Gulunganda had in his possession 20×12 bore live Ammunition without authority contrary to the laws of Zambia.




The court heard that on the material day Zambia wildlife officers(ZAWA) were on duty around 10:45 when they received a tip off from alert members of the public that there was a man who was illegally poaching  in Chirundu open area and part of Zimbabwean side.




Acting on the matter, seven ZAWA officers went to the said area and found the accused at his house, where  a search was conducted which led the officers to the discovery of 20×12 bore live ammunition in the house.




The court further head that Gulunganda was then apprehended and taken to chirundu police station.




Under warn and caution statement, the accused person gave a free and voluntary reply admitting the charge.




In mitigation, the accused person asked for the court’s leniency adding that he was married with 10 children, he was also looking after his old aged father and that his mother died.