Kasama Municipal appeals for utility vehicles

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Kasama Municipal appeals for utility vehicles


Kasama July 3, 2013,-ZANIS-Kasama Municipal has appealed to Government to procure utility vehicles for the Department.



Council Public relations Officer Mutale Kabwe says  the department finds it difficult to discharge its duties as it does not have any utility vehicles.



She explained that the department needs to have a fire service machine to help them fight fires in the community.



ZANIS reports that the Council Public Relations Officer said this in an interview in Kasama today.




Ms. Kabwe the council usually fails to fight fires in the area as they wait for the fire service machines to be released from the department of Civil Aviation at Kasama airport.



She  added that the department also does not have any vehicles to help its staff to conduct inspections in the area.



The Public Relations Officer further disclosed that the council usually asks for vehicles from other departments to help them with work.



She noted that if the department is given the utility vehicles, it will help the council to be conducting inspections in the area on the regularly basis.