Govt. pledges support of Gonde Lwiindi ceremony

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Govt. pledges support of Gonde Lwiindi ceremony

Monze, July 3, 2013, ZANIS—  Government has pledged it continued support towards the successful hosting of the annual Gonde Lwiindi ceremony in Monze District.


Southern Province  minister Daniel Munkombwe says government will support the annual event on condition that  the event organisers continue to guarantee peace devoid of political confrontations.


Mr. Munkombwe has also suggested that opposition political figures whose presence at the ceremony cause political clashes be not allowed at such events.


ZANIS reports that the provincial minister said this when he officiated at the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony 2013 in Monze yesterday.


Mr. Munkombwe said no traditional ceremony belonged to a particular political party adding that Zambians should be free to attend such events in order to understand the country’s heritage.


He expressed happiness that this year’s ceremony has been peaceful and devoid of political confrontation and assured of Governments support to the successful hosting future events provided a peaceful atmosphere continued to prevail.


 UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who is also patron of the Lwiindi Gonde ceremony did not attend the ceremony.


So was  his Monze Central member of parliament Jack Mwimbu although both were officially invited.


Mr. Munkombwe implored traditional leaders hosting ceremonies to bar politicians who cause political anarchy because they were undermining the purpose of the ceremony.


He said politicians should not preach hatred but love stressing that if their presence in certain places would cause confusion they should rather stay away.


And Senior Chief Monze expressed happiness at the peaceful atmosphere that prevailed at this year’s Gonde Lwiindi ceremony.


The Chief said the ceremony was devoid of political confrontation.


Chief Monze was however disappointed at the excessive bear drinking by youths at this year’s ceremony.


He urged the Gonde organizing committee to consider putting an age restriction in future adding that the behavior exhibited by youths was unacceptable.